Why Do Kids Need a Chiropractor?

All parents want the very best for their children. We want the top teachers and athletic coaches, we give them guitar and piano lessons, and braces for their teeth. Anything we can do to give them the best start so that they can find their way in this crazy world and hopefully have a wonderful life.

Unfortunately, I honestly believe one of the most important things a parent can do for their child has been greatly neglected. Not because of a lack of caring, but more of not knowing and misunderstanding.

If I were to tell you that there is a completely natural way to strengthen your child’s immune system, improve their ability to focus, and allow their body to function optimally, of course you would do it. Right?

Did you know that there is a condition called a “vertebral subluxation” that can decrease your child’s potential, makes them more susceptible to illness, and decreases their overall ability to function?

When a subluxation is present, our nervous system is greatly impaired and unable to function the way that it is supposed to.

According to Grey’s Anatomy textbook, “the nervous system controls and coordinates ALLorgans and structures of the human body.”

Well, how does a child get one of those sub a.., submarine.., subluxations?

Subluxations are often caused by trauma. I know what you are thinking, “My child has never had any trauma.” One of the most traumatic things that we all have gone through is being born. In a “normal” delivery there is between 60 to 90lbs of pulling force on a baby’s head and neck.

According to Dr. Guttman M.D., when looking at over 1000 infants shortly after their birth, over 80% of the infants sustained trauma to their cervical spine, which resulted in vertebral subluxtion.

Associated symptoms ranged from movement and developmental impairment to lowered resistance to infections, especially to ear, nose and throat infections.(Blocked atlantal nerve syndrome in babies and Infants Manulle Medizin 1987 25)

Every child has experienced hundreds of slips and falls. From learning to walk, riding a bike, surfing, skateboarding, sports injuries, and just plain old being a kid. Considering all of this, it is easy to see where a child’s subluxations arise from.

“How do I know if my child has a subluxation?”

In our office, we combine state of the art computerized technology and a very detailed examination to determine if subluxation is present, and if so, to what degree it is affecting the nervous system. Only a chiropractor has been trained to detect and correct subluxation.

To put things simply, children that are free of subluxation are healthier, happier, more focused, and are able to reach their full potential both mentally and physically.