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Chiropractic Techniques Explained

There are hundreds of different chiropractic techniques and types of chiropractic. Because there are so many ways to practice and adjust patients, there is often confusion about what exactly chiropractic is, what it does, and how it helps. The care you receive at one office may be vastly different than another. 

My goal with this page is to help you understand some of the differences and also to explain how we've chosen to specialize the way we practice at our Encinitas office. 

All of the hundreds of chiropractic techniques can be broken down into three categories: 

  •   Segmental
  •   Tonal
  •   Postural

About Segmental Care

Segmental care identifies vertebrae that have become misaligned and lost their ability to properly move. These stuck vertebrae cause interference to the nerves, resulting in a lack of ability for the body to properly perceive itself in space, activation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), and an inability for the body to sufficiently self heal. Misalignment most often occur as the result of some type of trauma such as in-utero constraint, birth trauma, sports injuries, accidents, slips and falls, and micro-traumas that we sustain over time like sitting all day at a desk.

We have found that one of the best techniques to identify and correct these individual vertebra that have become dysfunctional is with the Gonstead Technique

About Tonal Care

Tonal care is based on the tension and tone within the body. When there is either too much or not enough tone, the body is unable to operate in a state of ease. The best way to think about this is a guitar string or any other stringed instrument. When the amount of tension in a string is at the correct amount there is a certain note or tone that is produced. If you tighten or loosen the string you will lose the desired note. The body and nervous system works in the same way.

When we do not have the correct tone the body does not work or operate at its desired potential. Because we are energetic beings and that energy in our body travels through the nervous system as vibrational frequency it is vital to assist the body to operate with the correct amount of tone. We have found three different chiropractic techniques that we have chosen to utilize to address the imbalances of tone in the body. These techniques are Torque release, Talsky Tonal, and MC2. These 3 techniques are all very similar and interconnected.

What causes a change in the tone of the body? Put simply, stress. Whether from emotional stress, chemical stress, or physical stress.

About Postural Care

Postural care looks at how the posture and global position of the spine effects the nervous system and overall health and well being. It is well known and researched that posture can greatly affect our health. We have chosen to integrate some of the postural and structural care procedures from the Chiropractic Biophysics and Postural Neurology. The effects of poor posture are increasingly becoming more common with the increase in use of technology and sedentary living.

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