Why Chiropractic Care for Infants?

Birth is a beautiful natural process. Unfortunately it has been turned into a medical procedure. Many children are born with forceps or vacuums creating as much as 40 to 70lbs of pulling and tension on their neck. Even in “normal” births there is a lot of twisting and rotation of the head and neck of the baby. This can disrupt the delicate structures in the upper cervical part of the neck. In chiropractic we call this trauma a subluxation. Subluxation causes nerve irritation. Our nervous system controls every function in the body. If we have interference to our nervous system we will not be able to grow or develop with our full potential.

Is Chiropractic Safe for a Baby?

Very. The amount of pressure we use when adjusting a baby is no more than you would put if pushing on your own eye.  It is very gentle, and effective. In our office we use very gentle and specific adjustments with no twisting or rotation. Some of the many symptoms that are often helped when subluxation is corrected are; colic, reflux, latching problems, immune issues, digestive difficulties, and many more.

At our Encinitas chiropractic office we are not treating any of the above conditions, we remove interference from the nervous system so that the body can function the way it was designed to. When the body is free of interference to the nervous system, it is able to fully function and develop the way it is supposed to. If you want your child to live a life free of interference, call Encinitas chiropractor Dr. Ryan Caringola today!