Chiropractic Care For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy a woman’s body changes significantly. A shift in weight distribution of the abdomen growing forward will pull the lower back forward as well. The shoulders and mid-back will often pull back in the opposite direction to compensate for this change, and the head and neck often will tilt forward.  The body will also produce several hormones that assist in loosening the surrounding connective tissues. Any preexisting issues with alignment or stress to the spine will often be exacerbated by these new changes. If no problems were present prior to pregnancy, they often can develop as the body changes to compensate for the growth of the baby.

As a Webster technique certified chiropractor, and a Gonstead trained chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Caringola will be able to fully asses and gently adjust for any pelvic, sacral, and sacroiliac dysfunction that may be contributing to a painful pregnancy and that could possibly cause a difficult delivery. A properly aligned pelvis allows for sufficient space for the developing baby and for a quicker easier delivery. In addition the entire spine will be evaluated for vertebral subluxation and nerve irritation. An optimally functioning mother free of nerve irritation will contribute much to the health of her baby.

Dr. Ryan Caringola uses great care to ensure the most accurate, safe and painless adjustment possible. The Gonstead adjustment is so safe, care can continue until the day of delivery. Special adjusting tables and modifications are made to accommodate each stage of pregnancy. Regular chiropractic care, in combination with other healthy habits, provides the best opportunity for a healthy, happy baby.