Health and Wellness

What is Required to Truly be Healthy and Well?


As your Encinitas wellness chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Caringola will help you fully understand what it means to be well. Everywhere you look today people are talking about wellness. It has become the new trendy term to add to the name of a business in an attempt to become a part of our increasing more health conscious society. But what truly is wellness and what does it take to be well? To understand wellness one must first understand health.

What is health?

Health is more than just the lack of disease or lack of symptoms. Health is when all of the cells in your body are fully functioning all of the time, it is when all of your cells are functioning in a state of homeostasis.

The current state of health-care is truly sickness care. It is treatment of symptoms and illnesses once they have already been acquired. The treatment of symptoms and illness will never lead to increased health. Health and sickness are like light and darkness. If there is a room full of shadows/darkness(sickness), can one go around the room and capture and remove them? No, darkness does not truly exist. The only way to remove the shadows is by adding light(health). Light exists, it has measurable properties. In order to truly be well you cannot remove sickness, you must add health.

So how do we add health?

To add health we must first understand what the body needs to function properly. To do this one must understand what is required for normal physiology of our cells. We are an ecosystem of cells. Once this is understood we must create purity and sufficiency for what our cells innately genetically require. In addition we must also remove toxicities and deficiencies that will drive cells away from normal homeostatic cell function. We must eat(nutrition), move(exercise and chiropractic), and think in ways that are congruent with our innate genetic requirements. Our cells are programmed for health. the only time our cells do not function properly is when they are either deficient in the necessary nutrients or toxic with substances that interfere with normal function. The only reason we are not well is due to poor lifestyle choices. 75% of all deaths are due to these poor lifestyle choices (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes…) Not eating well is a lifestyle choice. Not exercising is a lifestyle choice. Thinking in a negative mindset is a lifestyle choice. Not regularly being adjusted is a lifestyle choice. Encinitas wellness chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Caringola will make sure that you have the knowledge and tools for true wellness.