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Get Your First Personal Chiropractic Consultation, Neurological Stress Scans, Xrays (if necessary), and Doctor's Report Of Findings for only $97

Dr Ryan from Coherence Chiropractic wants to help you reach your greatest health by giving you this deal for you initial consult and evaluation.

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What our patients are saying...

kristine testimonial

 in 2017 I was sidelined by an injury.
I’d been unable to run, sometimes even walk, for two months..
After seeing Ryan several times a week for only a few weeks, I was back at it! After a few months, I was better than ever. Even with a busy work and travel schedule, that sometimes means I miss a whole week, my healing and progress have been complete. Dr. Ryan saved my running and enhanced my life. I got all I wanted and more than I hoped for. I feel amazing.

Kristine M 

Dr. Ryan and his staff are personable and friendly, and they always greet clients with a smile! The Gonstead method of chiropractic is natural and effective. When I have to miss a weekly adjustment, my body knows. These adjustments seem small, but it’s amazing how they add up over time to create a healthier body and mind. I’m very impressed with the care I receive here - I really look forward to coming in each week! I would definitely recommend this office to anyone in search of an effective and attentive chiropractic practice.

Kelli K.?

Amazing Dr. and wonderful office staff at True Chiropractic Wellness. Dr. Ryan started treating my children (2year old and 9 year old), My two year old was crying on and off with neck pain after an accident. Now both kids are happy and they love coming to see Dr. Ryan. Dr. Ryan is so patient with my children is great with them!
It was a double benefit for my son who was diagnosed with ADHD!!!!  My son has been happy, focused, and NO more screaming and crying to finish his homework! He even recognized his body feels better after his adjustment from Dr. Ryan. 

Chika S 

Get Your First Personal Chiropractic Consultation, Neurological Stress Scans, X-rays (if Necessary) And Doctor’s Report Of Findings For Only $97
About Coherence Chiropractic- Dr. Ryan

A unique chiropractic practice focusing on both Pediatric and Family Wellness Care! In a world quickly switching to drug-free, natural health care, we are entirely committed to providing the best care possible to fit those needs! 

Not only is Dr. Ryan incredibly experienced clinically, our Team will ensure YOUR experience is incredible each and every visit!

Located at 835 North Vulcan Ave. Encinitas, CA

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