Children's Holistic Health Screening: Get Your First Consult, Nervous System Scans, Adjustment, And Report Of Findings For Only $47! (For Children, Any Age) 

We specialize in working with children experiencing chronic health & behavioral challenges, which we have found usually share the same root cause - an over stressed nervous & immune system! Symptoms we can help with: Ear infections, colic, allergies, reflux, nursing problems, sleeping problems, focus issues, attention struggles, hyperactivity, meltdowns, lack of boundaries, and many more.

Find us at: 112 Encinitas Blvd.

Encinitas, CA  92024

Phone: 760.632.9674


Our first priority is to get to know you and your child. You'll spend about 40 minutes in our office, and here's what we'll do during our time together:

Initial Consultation

This is a time of discovery where the chiropractor will discuss your goals, get a thorough health history, and identify the cause of any challenges you're currently facing.

Hands on Evaluation

A gentle, hands-on evaluation in which the doctor will locate areas of your spine that are stuck and causing dysfunction. You'll learn how these areas can affect everything from your digestion to your emotions.

Computerized Nerve Scans

The doctor will perform computerized tests like Thermal Scans, Surface EMGs and Heart Rate Variability to determine areas where your body is struggling to adapt to everyday stressors. 

Test Results & Adjustment Plan

The doctor will review the findings of all tests. He'll show you what he found and discuss what needs to be done in order for you to achieve optimal health. You'll receive a customized chiropractic adjustment plan based on the doctor's findings. The plan will be carefully designed to help you reach your goals.


The first step in improving your child's health and helping them live the life they deserve is to come in to our office and get a full exam. It's painless and will give you tremendous insight into what you can do to help your child live the healthiest and happiest life possible.

This exam normally costs $260, but for a limited time we're offering this tremendous value at just $47.

What Our happy PATIENTS Are Saying

pediatric chiropractor patient

I have my sweet little happy boy back!

My son was diagnosed with ASD a few months after first meeting Dr. Ryan, but all the psychologists were amazed and stunned by the improvement he made in such a short amount a time on just diet and chiropractic alone.

CECE D.  //  San Diego

My son is happier and more focused!

My son was taking stimulant medication (for his ADHD) before he started getting adjustments from Dr. Ryan.  After about two weeks (6 adjustments), My son was FREE From his medication!!!  Yes, NO MORE MEDICATION for him and he still functions well in his school and at home. He used have hard time finishing his homework, and it was a constant struggle, fighting, screaming and crying just to finish his homework.  It could last about 3 hours (almost everyday) after school…..  Well, I am sure this story sounds familiar if you have a child with ADHD.  

But again, after he started seeing Dr. Ryan, no more of this!  My son has been happy, focused, and NO more screaming and crying to finish his homework!  He even recognizes his body feels better after his adjustments from Dr. Ryan.  

If you have a family member with ADHD and are looking for alternate treatment (no medication),  I totally recommend to talk to Dr. Ryan and get consultation at least.  His workshop was also amazing and lots of important information!  Thank you Dr. Ryan!

CHIKA F.   //  Solana Beach

First adjustment at 8 days old!

We had a great experience here. We brought our newborn son in 8 days after birth and the whole office was great.. We highly recommend going to them!

CASEY S.  //  San Diego

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