Lynnda V.

At the time I was frankly a mess of neglected injury and in constant pain. Mornings were ridiculously uncomfortable to the point where I would have to crawl at times. I just couldn't imagine continuing life in such a state. I struggled with what type of treatment to seek. I was not satisfied with the medical recommendations I was offered so I went in search of alternatives. I eventually found my way to Dr. Ryan Caringola whose name I just realized in typing this, appropriately contains "caring + ola" (hello!).

I knew immediately upon his performing diagnostic tests that this was not like my chiropractic experience past. This was different. In questioning the doctor and following up with my own curiosity, I came to understand the difference his being a Gonstead chiropractor meant to my treatment. I think of it as a custom personalized approach to chiropractic care, referencing my x-rays every visit and utilizing devices that read my current condition in order to choose the best approach in adjusting me each visit.

By the time I found Dr. Ryan I had pretty much lost faith I could fully recover from the injury and discomfort that had consumed my life. Dr. Ryan convinced me this was not the case, and that although it may take awhile, my body would heal, and it did! The combination of the best of care from Dr. Ryan, my following recommended treatment, and my commitment to wanting to get better has me feeling like I've been given a new lease on life able to enjoy the activities I love.

Throughout the diagnostics and healing process we came to recognize not only the neglected roller skating injury, but a lifetime of neglected posture, gait, wear & tear, and neck issues. So, I now find myself not only feeling healed from the crippling back pain I was in, but excited about helping my body heal in general by continuing treatment.What really sold me were my followup x-rays. My neck and spine are indisputably much happier, and as a result, so am I! I'm forever grateful to the good doctor and his friendly competent staff for their influence on my world.