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ashley jenks review true chiropractic wellness

 Ashley Jenks 


Dr. Ryan and the friendly staff are Amazing at True Chiropractic Wellness! I have been to other chiropractors in the past, and it was a usual "crack everything and see ya next week." Not here.

Dr. Ryan tailors each visit to what your body needs, careful to not over do it, and really focus on areas that need attention. They have also gone out of the way to fit me in when I have had strange pains from whatever bumps and tweaks my day may send my way.

They have also been very flexible in finding continuing care plans that work for my schedule and budget. I always recommend Dr. Ryan and True Chiropractic whenever someone asks, and even when they might not think Chiropractic care is what they need!


John White


 I am raising Jonah who has Autism. I want to comment on the positive effect Dr. Ryan has had with My son. Dr. Ryan has gained Jonah's trust and has helped him regulate week to week.  

Autism is a spectrum and each case is unique. Jonah's therapy works for him. My wife and I have practical expectations toward Jonah's Long term success, derived directly from this VERY positive form of therapy. 

Undeniable is the respect my son has for Dr. Ryan, as well as, his willingness to allow him to adjust his back and neck. Dr. Ryan has let Jonah's demeanor LEAD out in regard to the depth of his session that day. There is a stark contrast between his interest in wanting to visit Dr. Ryan VS. getting a hair cut, where Jonah will persistently melt down.

Although my son can not speak in sentences we always make an effort to thank Dr. Ryan for his kindness and effort toward making Jonah's day better.

Suzie Bouche Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Suzie Bouche


I have been coming to Dr. Ryan's office for about 6 months and my experience has been excellent! I am really happy with their knowledgable and caring staff, and Dr. Ryan is an awesome Chiropractor and follows an overall healthy lifestyle philosophy that speaks to me. I have used chiropractors for thirty years, needed as a former athlete, and highly recommend True Chiropractic Wellness for your health care needs!

Stew Aadnes Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Stew Aadnes


I came to see Dr. Ryan with a second diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis within a calendar year. My primary care Doctor suggested another cortisone shot and pain medication to "get me through."

I first needed to not do any exercise for two months for the inflammation to go down. The pain I was in was all encompassing and I barely slept through the night. It was very depressing not being able to be active and the lack of proper sleep only increased my ability to not heal.

I was terrified that this new life of pain and immobility was my future.....until a neighbor gave me Dr. Ryan's card! I decided against masking this problem again with cortisone and pain meds and made a decision to go all in on fixing the problem and start living my life again.

Dr. Ryan spent an hour with me during x-rays and I felt very comfortable with the path for recovery he had chosen. My lower back was so out of line that it was affecting my right hip. My hip wasn't the problem at all. I was in so much pain I just kept nodding ok....ok...After 3 short months I am able to run, surf, practice yoga and most importantly sleep peacefully through the night!

I've got my life back! A life without pain is something to never take for granted. I know I never will. Dr. Ryan is a very gentle chiropractor who wants total wellness for his patients. He is well educated on proper nutrition as well as vitamin supplements and really wants to see his patients be at their best both physically and mentally. It's hard to believe that 3 short months ago I was in a dark place with little hope and here I am writing this review after a two hour morning surf session.

Thank you Dr. Ryan for possessing the skills to heal. I am forever grateful. 

Dan Justice Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Dan Justice


Amazing, professional office. I often travel to Encinitas with my family and was in need of a Chiropractor while there and Dr Ryan took great care of me. He was efficient, timely and very skilled. I would definitely recommend this office!

Carolyn Starke Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Carolyn Starke


I didn't hesitate to contact a chiropractor when needed, but never expected the care provided at True Chiropractic Wellness. It's not just the adjustments, which have been gentle and targeted. It's also the overall attention to wellness that has been so unique. I really appreciate the comprehensive care by Dr. Ryan and Annette. 

Jessica Mroz Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Jessica Mroz


Dr. Ryan started adjusting my family after we were T-boned. He is very patient, and my children love coming to get their spines aligned, and I have had significant pain relief.

I've been to many chiropractors, but Dr.Ryan's office has been the best. He doesn't make adjustments unless the area truly needs it, and doesn't overload your body with too much treatment. I have had chronic back pain for years from an earlier back injury, and this has been the best that I've felt in years!

Jamaica Winship Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Jamaica Winship


Dr. Caringola is the best chiropractor in southern California! I've been seeing him for the past several months, and I've never felt better. His adjustments are very specific, and he always explains what he is adjusting so I know what to expect. Dr. Caringola is a must-see for anyone who wants a healthy spine and body.

Allan Mizia Review True Chiropractic Wellness

E. Allan Mizia


We have been going to other chiropractic clinics for about 40 years. We have had such amazing results with our adjustments and health. We love the Gonstead type of adjusting. We have been going to Dr. Ryan for 4 years now and recommend his office all of our friends. Dr. Ryan is very professional and gentle and wish we had found him sooner. Please give him a try and you will love your experience as much as we have.

JoDee Taylor Review True Chiropractic Wellness

JoDee Taylor


I was referred to Dr Ryan by a good friend. I was really impressed with his office staff and how detailed he was in reviewing my body. He gave me some great insight. Unfortunately, I live in another state so I am only able to get treated when I visit San Diego. I would highly recommend him.

Christopher Sheets Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Christopher Sheets


I started seeing Dr. Ryan after a car accident. He's a great guy, very personable and very serious about your wellness. He has provided great care. I've had other chiropractors I've used in my life but none have ever really seemed to care about my well being. They seem to just want you to come in 3 to 5 times a week but never explain why. It seems they just want money.

Dr. Ryan genuinely cares and has made me feel like a friend along with providing very quality service that has truly helped me in my recovery!! I highly recommend anyone to check out True Chiropractic.

Thomas Williams Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Thomas Williams


I am a senior who seriously injured his shoulder a while back. My Medical Dr offered me drugs for my pain. Dr Ryan, at True Chiropractic Wellness offered me real help by working with my shoulder over a period of five weeks. When I started working with Dr Ryan, I could not touch my right ear with me right hand without severe pain in my shoulder.

In just four weeks I was able to reach over my head and touch my left ear with my right hand. I believe in True Wellness Chiropractic and in Dr Ryan's methods. Dr Ryan in my first line of defense when I do not feel good, because I trust Dr Ryan. Want to "Feel Good in the Neighborhood" ? 🙂 Call Dr. Ryan at True Chiropractic Wellness.

Virginia Kelly Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Virginia Kelly


I have been under Dr. Ryan's care for the last 90 days. I appreciate his view of creating a healthy lifestyle and best practices for overall well being. My flexibility and posture have seen good improvement.

I am committed to his recommendations to continue progress near term, and look forward to further results as I follow his guidance and support!

Chris McClelland Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Chris McClelland


Over a year ago I found True Chiropractic Wellness while searching for a Gonstead chiropractor for my wife. I called to make an urgent appointment and Dr. Ryan and Annette fit my wife into their schedule.

Her experience was so favorable that I decided to see him as a patient as well. We both have been patients of Dr. Ryan for the past 14 months and have been pleased with his methodology and care. I recommend True Chiropractic Wellness to any patients who are looking for quality chiropractic care and overall wellness.

Ryan Sargent Review True Chiropractic Wellness

Ryan Sargent


My whole family has been going to Dr. Ryan for a almost a year now. We have made several changes in our life including stress wise and nutrition wise based on Dr. Ryan's recommendations. I never would have guessed how much of your body is tied to your spine! Overall Dr. Ryan is very knowledgable and I would definitely recommend him! 

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